Today we have a lot of news for our armoured fighting vehicle fans! A lot of new kits in 1/35 and 1/72 scale will be released in 2021 year +MORE

T-62 tank, new T-15 Armata version, TOR 2M system, and so on. For WW2 we will make new Sherman kit! And will make BRDM-2 kit, based on Dragon one! Some old kits and figures will be reissued too!

In 1/72 scale we will make four new kits, like Su-122, Sherman and modern ones – Bumerang and Koalitsiya-SV.
And some new Art of Tactic sets also will be made!

Another new fleet kit for 2021 year – soviet Shchuka-class submarine in 1/144 scale! Full new kit of famous soviet WW2 submarine!

And also in 1/144 scale we will make some new civil aviation kits! Boeing 757-200 and new Airbus modifications!