new from Dragon Models 1/72 Chinese Volunteer T-34/85

EAN-13 BARCODE:0089195876683
ANNOUNCED ON:10/28/2020
EST ARRIVAL:December 2020

The T-34 was the Soviet Union’s most important tank of WWII, yet it continued to soldier on in other conflicts around the world long after 1945. One such user was China. Some of these Russian-built tanks were used by the PLA in the Korean War, after China entered that conflict in October 1950.

Dragon has certainly produced T-34/85 tanks in 1/72 scale before, but this one has some new features appropriate to its use by the People’s Volunteer Army of China. Thus, newly tooled parts depict the front of the lower hull, which is not rounded but rather sharp-edged. Furthermore, different front fenders are portrayed by brand new photo-etched parts. Of course, the distinctive spoked wheels are also newly tooled. The 85mm gun barrel is slide molded as a single piece. This is an exciting new Dragon Armor Pro kit, one that gives a new twist to the famous T-34 tank family.