The MENG RS-002 Ford GT40 Mk.II ’66 will be available soon and now let’s have a look of the exciting highlights in this large vehicle model.

The photo-etched parts without connecting stubs are easy to use.

1/12 scale strong chassis parts and big radiator presents great visual impact.

Unlike today’s racing cars, the GT40 has quite a few shiny metal parts. Those parts are represented by electroplated parts in this model kit.

After the announcement of RS-002 Ford GT40 Mk.II ’66, we have received many messages asking for the paint schemes of the No.2 car, and we have thus updated our design. In this coming kit, you will have the options to build the No. 1 car of Ken Miles/Denny Hulme or the No.2 car of Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon.

For the wheel assembly, we will provide rubber parts, plastic injection parts, electroplated parts and parts prepared by CNC machining. After applying the decals, you will quickly get a well-detailed wheel.

A large model features not only a large size, but also more complete details. We will publish more test shot details in future news updates. Stay tuned!