Details are the highlights of models and the photo-etched parts are the best choice to improve details. However, the difficulty of preparing the small PE parts has discouraged many modellers. Even the experienced modellers shall be careful when working with those parts.

You need a right tool for this. After releasing the MTS-038 Photo-etched Parts Bender, MENG and DSPIAE now release another new product for the preparation of PE parts, the MTS-046 Mini Photo-etched Parts Bender. This smaller product is a perfect choice for modellers who don’t need to work with large PE parts. This delicate and exquisite bender is composed by aluminum alloy and stainless steel. It contains 12 bending teeth for the bending of small precision PE parts with complicated shapes.

Model building shall be a happy process without any pain or trouble. Use this tool and enjoy working with PE parts!