Promised remaining boxart new model SF-260 in 1/48. We will also launch this model in a set of four boxes so that everyone can choose the right camouflage. This is the first set. In other wrappers we will try to respond to your requests and demands for additional options color of this famous airplane. We will tell you soon what decal variants will be in the individual boxes.

AF35S99 IDF 1/4 ton 4×4 M38A 1/4 CJ-5 Siyur + Tolar

IDF 1/4 ton 4×4 M38A1 / CJ-5 Siyur Reconnaissance Vehicle + Tolar Recoilless Rifle Vehicle

■ Precision photo-etched radio and radiator grill guard set included. 
■ Newly tooled IDF dedicated M38A1/CJ-5 tool kit. 
■ Newly tooled IDF M38A1/CJ-5 dashboard. 
■ Newly tooled IDF dedicates MG mount. 
■ Newly tooled IDF M38A1/CJ-5 radio systems. 
■ Newly tooled TOLAR dedicated wheel well cushion and back rest for the rifle crew. 
■ Highly detailed chassis. 
■ Highly detailed engine compartment. 
■ Decals for vehicles of the Six-Day War and Yom Kippur War provided.