NEW FROM Dragon Models

EST ARRIVAL:November 2020

1/35 Pz.Kpfw.IV Panzer IV Ausf.J Initial/Early Production

Dragon has added another Panzer IV tank in 1/35 scale, thus expanding the number of variants in this important tank family. This latest scintillating kit depicts a Panzer IV Ausf.J Initial/Early-Production version of the German medium tank, which was produced in April-May 1944. In most respects, the Ausf.J was a retrograde from the preceding Ausf.H, this being a necessity imposed on Germany to simplify production as the war progressed and as industry came under greater pressure.

Like other members of the Panzer IV kit family, this latest 1/35 scale kit in Dragon’s popular series possesses the ultimate level of detail. Parts are smartly engineered and tooled. Characteristics changed from the Ausf.H to the Ausf.J are accurately rendered, such as the turret side hatches without pistol ports, spare track links on the right side of the hull, and mesh (recreated with photo etch) between the storage bin and turret skirt. Furthermore, the individual side skirts are made of metal to achieve scale thickness, or alternatively they’re supplied in plastic too. With this accurate 1/35 scale kit, Dragon has filled yet another niche in the Panzer IV family!

Dragon has turned its attention to the 1/72 Warbirds range for its next 2-in-1 kit releases. First up is the Luftwaffe’s Heinkel He219, which was known as the Uhu (Eagle-Owl), an advanced German night-fighter that flew in the latter half of WWII. Either of two variants is possible: an He219A-0 or He219A-7. The former was initially a pre-production aircraft, but it ended up as the first main production variant. A total of 104 were built from 1943 through till the end of November 1944. The later He219A-7 model was the final production version of the Uhu. Typical armament on the A-7 was four 20mm MG151/20 cannons plus two 30mm MK 108 cannons. Production of 210 units of the A-7 was supposed to start in later 1944, but actual numbers finished are uncertain.

The capable radar-equipped He219 had an enviable reputation as a “Mosquito-killer”, but production was never sufficient to have a significant impact on the air war. It has been some time since either of these 1/72 He219 has been available individually. But now Dragon has created a useful 2-in-1 box that allows modelers to flexibly choose later on which variant to build. All the necessary to parts to assemble the exact variant is included. Furthermore, the complex radar array of antennas on the nose is reproduced with the help of photo-etched parts. This accurate 2-1in-1 model set is ready to take to the air and to own the night!

1/72 M2A2 Bradley w/ERA

The Bradley, built by United Defense, is the well-established IFV of the USA. This competent 37-tonne vehicle has seen combat in Operations Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom, and today it continues to whisk U.S troops around Iraq. Such vehicles in Iraq are now typically fitted with a tiled ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) kit for added protection against the bombs and RPGs of Iraqi insurgents.

Dragon proudly introduces agaom such an ERA-equipped Bradley to the 1/72 series of model kits. The frontal, side and turret ERA is fully represented, and all necessary components to model different version are present. This popular modern subject is highly detailed, with photo-etched parts and numerous items that can be assembled in open or closed positions. Such is the case with the TOW launcher, which can be portrayed in either the launch or travel mode. For easy-assembly, new one-piece belt-type tracks are included. Moreover, new-tooled backpacks can be stowed on the vehicle. The relaunch of this fantastic Bradley kit marks a new “ERA” in the world of 1/72 scale models!

The M3 Cavalry version operates with a crew of three, plus two scouts. The Bradley IFV made its combat debut in 1991 in the Gulf War with very favorable results and an operational readiness rate of 90+%. The updated ODS (Operation Desert Storm) version of this United Defense vehicle incorporated such improvements as a laser rangefinder, GPS-based TacNav, new gun barrel, and a rearranged troop compartment. To provide further protection, an ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) kit consisting of 105 box-shaped tiles was designed by GDLS and Rafael, and these are fitted as standard in Iraq.

Each of the reactive tiles is fully represented to give the Bradley its unique look, and to allow modelers to create a vehicle serving in Iraq. It also offers the special armor added around the commander’s station to provide him with 360º protection. As per usual, this contemporary kit also includes a range of photo-etched parts offering heightened levels of detail. And also new-tooled backpacks are offered. This kit is a perfect travelling companion to the M2A2 released at the same time.