Sanding is an essential part of model building. Careful sanding can prepare the model surfaces for smooth painting. For modellers who are more demanding, sanding is an important way to get perfect model shape or prepare for fine weathering. So good sandpaper is quite important for the sanding job. But you must have the experience that the small sandpaper breaks, loses abrasive particles, or even its grade label becomes fuzzy.

MENG now releases two high performance flexible sandpaper products with the help of DSPIAE, the MTS-041 High Performance Flexible Sandpaper (Fine Set) and MTS-042 High Performance Flexible Sandpaper (Extra Fine Set). Unlike other sandpaper you can buy, these two sets of sandpaper are made of excellent 3M sandpaper and EVA material. The sandpaper features even grits and outstanding sanding performance. It can be used for both dry and wet sanding. It can be bent for sanding and cut to any shape you may need. This sandpaper is soft and comfortable to hold and won’t break when it’s bent. It’s an ideal choice for sanding cambered surfaces. The Fine Set includes a total of 30pcs of sandpaper of 5 different specifications: 180#/280#/400#/600#/800#. The Extra Fine Set includes a total of 30pcs of sandpaper of 5 different specifications: 1000#/1200#/1500#/2000#/2500#.

In both products, each specification of sandpaper has three versions of different thickness: 2mm/3mm/5mm. Different specifications of sandpaper are printed with different colors, so it’s quick and easy to find the one you need. Different specifications of sandpaper can be stored in the storage box sections marked with grade numbers. We have also prepared sandpaper refill packs of different specifications and you just need to purchase the one you need. For sanding, the small but important thing, our products will be a great help!