Good news: we already have 2 new models for you!

The first one is #347 Convair B-36B Peacemaker (Early), scale 1:144.
The Convair B-36 Peacemaker did not take part in any of the military conflicts of its time and never dropped its bomb load in actual conflict conditions, but its service was incredibly important in the early years of the Cold War, since it had the lead role in preserving the balance of forces during great changes in the world's geopolitical situation.

..and the second one is #737 Type B WWI Bus "Pigeon Loft", scale 1:72.
Type B WW1 Bus "Pigeon Loft" – a British bus from the First World War, specially modified to transport communication birds (primarily pigeons) in order to deliver important messages from military units in combat areas directly to command headquarters.