Fresh from the bench, all the markings that will be included into our new 1/32 Nieuport 23 RFC service

Nieuport 23, B1504
Capt Shepherd, `c` Flight commander of 29th Squadron
Claimed 9 enemy aeroplanes on this Nieuport and was shot down and killed in that Nieuport on

Nieuport 23, B3459
Capt P.F. Fullard, 1st Squadron
Bailleul, September 1917

Nieuport 23, B3474
Capt Hazell, Capt Jenkings and 2Lt Campbell, 1st Squadron
Autumn 1917

Nieuport 23, B1552
Lt E.`Mick` Mannock, 40 Squadron
Summer 1917

Nieuport 23, B1566
Capt W.A. Bishop, 60 Squadron
May 1917

Nieuport 23, B1575 `B1`
Major A.J.L. Scott, and Lt. G.A.H. Parkes, 60 Squadron
July 1917