PLATZ 1/24 PN24004 AUDI R8 LMS GT3 Assembly of vehicle taillights

Before assembling please pay attention

Necessary tools, cutting tools with a long tip

tamiya Craft Tool Series No.123

Sharp Pointed Side Cutter for Plastic (Slim Jaw)
Item No: 74123

cut from the kit box the 2 parts H5 AND H6 Very gently, you can use the pictures and please cut the excess edges until you get the cut part as it looks in the picture

This is just a small taste of the full review

A highly recommended kit
has full value for money
Very high quality with excellent levels of detail
And the accuracy of the parts are of a high standard
The body of the vehicle is an excellent base for quality painting and a realistic finish
This kit contains 142 parts
And 134 stickers
on full 4 Pieces of cartograf decals Silkscreen

We would like to thank platz-hobby who sent us sample kit For FULL review.