MENG will release the mPLANE-008 PLA Navy J-15 Flying Shark Carrier-based Fighter kit soon

Like other mPLANE series products, this snap-fit cartoonized model kit features cute exterior design and easy assembly.
Folding wings are a typical feature of carrier-based aircraft. This feature has been replicated in this kit.
The gesture of shooters launching carrier aircraft is impressive. One shooter giving launch instructions is included in this kit.

The J-15 Flying Shark is the first carrier-based fighter aircraft operated by the PLA Navy. This heavy fighter has a length of 22.28m, wingspan of 14.7m and maximum takeoff weight of 33,000kg. The J-15 performed its first takeoff and landing on the PLA Navy aircraft carrier Liaoning in December 2012. In 2013, the J-15 entered mass production and then entered the military service with the PLA Naval Air Force. J-15s are deployed as the main aircraft on the two Chinese aircraft carriers, Liaoning and Shandong.