Hi, Folks! Today we would like to share our plans with you for 2020/2021 In 1/32 scale we are planning to release our final Nieuport kit, in OCT/NOV.

That will be Nieuport RFC Service, we believe we did all that we could to bring you the best up to date Nieuports 17,21,23.
We picked 3 markings already and still need to pick the last one, any suggestion? (A. Ball`s markings will be offered in a special “A.Ball edition” later on).

117444361_2764446443844097_2099341516711252079_n was flown extensively in combat by Capt Fullard to gain 16 of this final 40 victories including the capture of a Junkers J.I before ending its days in Egypt.

–Nieuport 23. B`1552, flown by Lt.E. `Mick` Mannock, 40 Sqn RFC, (with different top wing roundels (wing repair probably?

–Nieuport 23. B`1566, flown by Capt W.A. Bishop, 60 Sqn RFC (not sure if we need to add C.5 on the fuselage though)
Coming up next will be 1/32 Caudron G.III, we are planning to have it ready in 2021. And the next one will be Sopwith Baby also in 1/32 scale.
Our 1/35 range should receive 2 new armoured cars by the end of spring 2021. That is something unexpected, we never announced it. Garford and Lancias are also in development.
Stay tuned for more armour news next week!