1/32 MENG QS-002 Fokker Dr.I Triplane kit. This kit includes a 1/10 resin bust of the “Red Baron” Manfred von Richthofen and a Fokker Dr.I Triplane kit. This Manfred von Richthofen bust features calm and confident facial expressions

More than one hundred years ago, Europe was in a state of devastation. Farms and pastures were ruined by shell craters and muddy water. Laughter in bars was replaced by people’s sobbing. Bank managers became soldiers hiding in the trenches and primary school teachers plunged bayonets into others’ chests. Everyone on the battlefield was surrounded by the angriest roars and the most vicious curses. But even in the desperate twilight, there was one gem shining brilliantly. Its brightness was so dazzling that it’s still remembered by the once warring parties. Manfred von Richthofen, the cavalry officer who learn to fly in 1915, became the top-scoring ace of World War I by winning 80 air combat victories in less than two years. His iconic red aircraft was well known to both warring parties. The Germans rejoiced in it, and the Allies were convinced by his exquisite combat skills and precious chivalry. As a legend, his death was dramatic because of the bizarre possibilities. The story of the “Red Baron” has gone across time and beyond hatred and is still being told today.
The QS-002s Fokker Dr.I Triplane “Red Baron” is a limited edition product based on the

The figure wears a leather flight jacket over the Imperial German Army uniform. He wears an M1910 Officer Visor Cap on his head and a Blue Max medal on the neckline. This is the most well-known image of the “Red Baron”. This product is limited to 1,000 kits.