DIOPARK – DP35008 1/35 Italian Civilian Motorcycle 125 Primavera TEST KIT + Comprehensive review With detailed images


Vespa has been driving whole generations of young people for over 70 years and one of the most important models in this long story is certainly the Vespa Primavera.
Originally launched in 1968, the legend has now returned with a totally new and future looking design. While respecting its tradition, the Vespa Primavera has a strikingly modern and appealing line and can also boast unrivalled handling. Its limited weight and best-in-category ergonomics make it perfect for trouble-free travel about town.
In terms of safety too, the Primavera raises the bar, thanks to its highly rigid steel body, 200 mm disc brake, new front suspension and ABS safety system.
A full range of modern and efficient engines and a superior level collection of colours and combinations offer optimum choices for everyone’s needs.


The 125 cc version of the Vespa Primavera is powered by the very latest 3-valve engine, a family of power systems representing the cutting edge in the world of scooters, ahead of its time in terms of excellent performance and minimum consumption levels and emissions.
An elegant colour range and refined combinations with the saddle fabrics make the Vespa Primavera a small jewel of style, the whole enhanced by chromed elements and a focus on detail that only Vespa is capable of. Riding round town will be a real pleasure, for you and everyone who sees you rocket past on your Vespa Primavera.


  • Fuel consume44,2 km/l
  • Top speed91 km/h
  • Environmental performance61 g/km
  • Fuel tank capacity8 lt
  • 1. Width735 mm
  • 4. Lenght1860 mm
  • 2. Pitch1340 mm
  • 3. Seat height780 mm


BACK BOX view WITH Design images of models/Box contents OF THE KIT 

Assembly instruction manual

Markingy 1


Markingy 2

***plastic parts***



PE parts+decals+Clear Parts


Very nice kit of a pair of Italian street bikes
containingvery high quality plastic parts And very detailed and rich color booklet + PE parts+decals+Clear Parts.

Very easy to assemble
A particularly impressive kit
Very good detail

Easy to paint and very high quality plastic

Very nice to see a kit so just filled with fun and enjoyment

A pair of Italian street bikes definitely represent the Italian street because it is easy and comfortable and fast and available
Very good for today's life, this motorcycle is a main vehicle used for short trips such as: shopping / study / meeting with friends / and more….

Kit is very realistic and interesting

Quality and beautiful product packaging
Offers great value for money
It is highly recommended