Introduction of nanodore battleship Yamato set

Although it is a release of the year before next year,

Set of 1/700 scale nano-dread series

Battleship Yamato (Last Showa 19) Set

We are in preparation!

This set consists of so-called detail up parts

It is an assortment.

So while there is no Yamato body, parts are

This is only included

In the first place what is nanodreded?

I think that some people say,

Nano-dread and a single piece carved a mold with a laser ,

It is a very precise plastic part !

Detail which can be seen for the first time using a magnifying glass is ordinarily given. The pictures are all 1/700 scale parts.

It is precise, but because it is made of plastic, you can easily improve the sense of precision compared to etched parts made of metal .

* Nippers may be good if there is a reasonable price of thin blades


Well then I’d like to try using nanodreads for battleship Yamato’s production, but it is troublesome to find which one to buy …

When we buy existing products to it, surplus parts

It gets out and costs extra money …


And, it is recommended for those who think!

Since only the quantity necessary for battleship Yamato is included,

There are fewer surplus parts than purchasing separately,

Without waste can align the necessary amount at the point ofyou.


Well, if you want to keep for another ship,

Why do not you share with friends who do not waste time ?

As you may be wondering,

That’s not true.

Also seen in one runner unit price discount because we are

Even though it is thought to be an assortment of simple nanodreds

It is very affordable.


Because of limited items, almost all orders from each model store produce

So please be sure to reserve it at the store !