Ship date finally decided! ! 1/24 Hustler multicolor molding and painting unnecessary! Easy assembly with snap fit

Today we will introduce the product of the new product of February!


Finally the shipping date of our car was decided.

The second series of vehicles NEXT series






Suzuki Hustler (Passion Orange)

Suzuki Hustler (Summer Blue Metallic)

Inlayable design ! eliminates glue, gloss is excellent molded color and no need for painting!

Following the current passenger car Velfire Suzuki Hustler is completely new mold!

You can use it in the outdoor which started selling in 2014 exactly as you want

A colorful mini car that was born as a crossover.

Snap-fit ​​type assembly design allows assembly without adhesive.

□ Just not only to complete the fit, but also to keep pleasure making

It is a pleasing specification when there is also a simple seal paste etc.

□ Products range from motifs to two-wheel drive X grade

Reproduce the former standard before equipping the genuine option.

□ Molded parts 109 points Construction of products centered on one seal.

□ Molding color is body color other "Black" "Clear" "Clear Red"

It consists mainly of 8 colors of "white" "silver" "plating silver" "dark gray".

□ Distinctive body color "Passion Orange" "Summer Blue Metallic"

Adopted new color molding color newly set up. Gloss is also stronger than conventional molded parts.

From February 13, we are shipping sequentially.!

We recommend you to reserve when you want to get it reliablyWinkGlitter

Reservation deadline for retailers is December 14th.