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TM1 Chibi Maru 10 type tank

"Chibaru 10 Type Tank" is upgraded and it appearsNico Niconote


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The 10 type tank was developed as a successor to "90 type tank" formulated in 1990,

It was formulated in 2010.
Currently, the Ground Self Defense Force Domestic Tank 4th Generation · The latest "10 Type Tank" is being developed one after another.

◆ Create a new seal

– Newly added camouflage seal , color tone was created according to the molded item.
– The material of the seal was changed to a
real seal that is familiar easily . – Added rubber skirt and camera sticker, and it will become realistic finish without painting .

The unit mark alsonote
Products can select the specifications arrived by dozer parts

– The upper and lower position can be selected when installing the dozer part.



The gun barrel is integrally molded, and the muzzle part is opened by the slide type mold.
Gun barrel is movable up and down.



Of course, because it is the Chibi Maru Military Series …

· Multicolor molding

· Snap-on kit not requiring adhesive

· Mark · Camouflage pattern reproduced with a seal

· Easy for beginners with few parts

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"Chibaru 10 Type Tank" which power up

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