NEW FROM combrig-models Soviet communications ship SSV-33 Ural, 1/700

The SSV-33 Ural nuclear-powered reconnaissance ship (ССВ-33Урал) is a Russian navy-owned command ship under the NATO code-named Kapusta, in Russian means "cabbage", resulting from the upper part of the ship's front half-ship bulk Circular radar in shape like a cabbage.
The SSV-33 has played an important role in areas such as electronic intelligence, missile tracking, space trajectory tracking, and communications relays. However, due to its high cost of maintenance, the SSV-33 was decommissioned by the end of 2002 and was demolished by the Russian Pacific Fleet.

Combrig released the ship 1/700 of the 3D map, it should be listed next year, Guiqiu King opened 1/350, like the ship's kind, please follow the thread below

The kit was made using 3D modeling and CNC machines with photoetch.

3D Render