NEW FROM aoshima -Scheduled to be released in December 2017

1/350 Thunderbird No. 2 & Rescue Mechanism

All members! ! Make No. 2 with popular rescue mecha! !

We gathered the rescue mechanisms that have been released separately so far, and we have coupled with No. 2. We also developed a new adsorption hand car and a fire truck. The container is a set of two.

* The image that is published is a prototype

1/24 Volvo 240 Turbo '86 Macao Gear Race Winner Specification

"Flying bricks" who swept the group A

Earned a champion at the European touring car race. I did not know that the momentum would stay and kitted machines that won the streak in Japan and Macao races.

  • You can choose either Macau gear race in 1986 or Inter TEC championship car in 1985 Fuji Speedway
  • Reproduction inside the car where the rolling car peculiar roll cage is stretched
  • Tire comes with tapered tire corresponding to camber
  • Decal printing silk
  • A metal inlet full of metal feeling is prepared for the emblem

* The image that is published is a prototype.

Detail up parts are released simultaneously with the main body.
1/24 Volvo 240 Turbo '86 Macao Gear Race Winner Specification Detail Up Parts


1/700 Air Vessel Carrier Arc Royal-"Ship this" Plastic model No.38

Her Majesty's Ship Ark Royal. Anchor!

"Ark Royal" planned by the aircraft carrier construction framework based on the Washington Naval Armament Convention Treaty is equipped with a hydraulic catapult on the ship's neck and as a modernized aircraft carrier Britain boasts of a Brigade boasted a braking cable It was completed in November 1938. In the Bismarck pursuit battle of May 1941, I played an active part such as sinking with a lightning strike of Swordfish which flew away from this ship. This kit starts with 8-piece pompon cannon, and ships ships "Swordfish" "Squared" "Fullmar". And it is attached to the flight deck, "Ship" This is the first large format character decal of Plamo comes with it.

  • Ship's fish, squirrel, and fullmar are included
  • Large format character decal for flight deck
  • "Bonus item" included with the finished ship model is attached

※ Product image is an image. Actual product may differ slightly.
※ This product is a kit. For assembly, an adhesive, a tool, etc. are required separately.
※ Figures are not included in this product. Please acknowledge it beforehand.