It's kind of cold -Ordinary winter's visit ? -Armor Genesis Mosspida 1/12 Adjustable Blow Superior Yellow Type-

A singing of a jingle bell sounds in the city,

There is a New Year 's fancy in the Home Center

It lined up.

Hey, now it's Ebisu.

I like the rainy seasons, but what do you do in a hurry?


A barest and Mospeeda

Shipment of variable ride aircraft and,,,


Arleast is the last happening ,,

The parts of the arrest are …,

It was supposed to be a part of M9


Besides, molded color

It should be this color

Such a color

What color is it? What?


With the rapid response of the production department ,,

I managed to make it in time.


Hisashiba's production, so confused ,,


Like the M9 spring pin

I am using reinforcement of cargo using it.


It is widely used in the toy industry.


A long time ago, at the Design-To-Guru,

I used it for the right and left main body.


Combining, it is outstanding strength which can not come off even if it drops.




Mosspeeda ,,, Variable Rideau – Ma –

Here as well for a while ,

Box design, if you know the old days, it will be fine ,,,


That's close to Imai's design ,,,

I was wondering if you did design with former Imai science.


Here too,

Setting material collection attaches

A masterpiece of variable bike animation, appear again! !

Tatsunoko's different color robot animation Mosspida resale! !

  • Setting document included
  • Renewal resale with new package

* The image that is published is a prototype.