doyusha-model Great! Plastic model 21st ship (1st ship) 1/700 scale US Navy Battleship BOX 63 1/700 USS MISSOURI BB-63

Great! It is the 21st model of the plastic model (the first ship series).
Features of this model are molded with colors close to the real thing, assembled without painting, you can make a real model just by sticking it.
However, glue is necessary for assembly.
Battleship Missouri of the US Navy was commissioned in June 1944 as the 3rd ship of the Iowa class battleship. After commissioning, it developed to the Pacific Ocean, it was launched into landing support operations such as Iwo Jima and Okinawa, and fought a fierce battle with the Japanese army. Immediately after the end of World War II in 1945 at the end of the year entered the Tokyo Bay and September 2 the signing ceremony of the surrender document of Japan was done on its deck. After the war, he also attended the Korean War and the Gulf War, but was retired in March 1992, and since January 1999 it has moored as a memorial hall in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and is open to the public.
The kit has become full hull model, the display base is attached, the hull is divided into 3, reproduced by using the slide mold, precision model using the slide mold at the required place such as the bridge structure and various machine guns It is being made.

■ Box size 45.8 x 21 x 5.9 cm
■ Marking with decal and sticker
■ Completion size total length 385 mm, full width 47 mm

● Assembled model ●

▼ Decals for marking

▽ Marking sticker