[Review] Tamiya 61117 1/48 BF109-G6

We introduce Tamiya 1/48 scale BF109G-6 product which was announced in Tokyo Harvey Show last September. This product may be slightly different from the mass-produced products due to current events, but it seems that there is no problem in understanding the characteristics of the product.
The BF109, which can be said to be the ever-popular aircraft of the German Air Force, has been launched in various companies. I introduced the academy product which released decal change kit a little while ago, but this time Tamiya also announced BF109

This product is engine reproduced and designed to open and close the engine cover. The engine cover and the engine are equipped with magnets for easy attachment and detachment. Auxiliary fuel tanks and propellers can be easily detached with a polycap. Convenient design for exhibition and painting is outstanding. This design has been applied to the previously released Hien.

It is expected that there will be a variety of derivative products in the future, considering that some parts are removed or putty parts are assembled and some parts are removed from the runner.

Parts such as engine cowls are extremely thin and sharp.

This product is reproduced by the engine and is easily removable using magnets.

The auxiliary fuel tank can be detached with a polycap. The slit is divided and the wheel bays are also separate parts.

Includes two decals and a masking room for canopy painting.

Includes two magnets, a polycap and a foil to attach the magnet.

The overall configuration is a 1/48 scale premium product

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