Please let me join the official also the 2nd # gathering warship festivalです It is a warship that gathers 1/3000 scale that I made recently! It's not a kit … but it's a package. Nishimura Fleet, although it is an impossible approach formation, I tried to force it. Wu Port, 5,500 tons dugging. A chimney is unloading. Small! + new products released Please see the test parts we have for you


Collected warship series latest product Now in preparation full set This set, the Ozawa Tactical Force of Kenichi Operation or Strategic Goods Transport Negotiable Strategy for Night Death is the content that can reproduce the strategy Kitano operation. Package is Ozawa Tactical Force. Camouflage Muzakuru to advance! Fisheries type destroyer Ise, desperately defending Izu, Hyuga finishes an interesting illustration as it sees an interception with a firing gun

Admiral! From the end of tomorrow it's the Kenichi strategy! Huh? Autumn ● It is a calibration of a package, not a vent. Well, now the war ship series that gathers 1/3000 scale under development Camouflage Rui cranes, decals enter and you can easily figure in ano! I do not have a ryokuki, but Akizuki is implemented! Please look forward to release and before proofreading. An unexpected mistake is (^ ^ ;;


Chibimaru military latest product Japan Army triple middle chin chin Chin now, package making, proofreading! Illustration This is the first night battle illustration in charge of Mr. Shuuto Tank soldier instructs a charge! Behind the ninety – seven-type chess, the illumination bullet is in the sky! We are finishing in exciting packages ~