Development information 1/200 scale Battleship Yamato 46 cm main gun We are waiting for postponement release … Finally came here! But … After a while making a good thing … forgiveness … Official guidance is at a later date, but released in December, it is in March. Always comes out in March. The fourth piece, the initial development on the left, the present situation on the right. Evolving!


Development information 1/200 scale Battleship Yamato 46 cm main gun chamber increased information volume! · Six pieces of charge waiting for bullet loading · Bullet started to be pushed by lamar, just loading! · Refined exterior of the range finder with concavo-convex expression · Initial development on the left of the 3rd piece, the present development on the right · Just before bullets come out from the bullet-proof barrel!

Development information 1/200 scale battleship Yamato 46 cm main gun bomb room down, to the inside of the swirl board has been reproduced ~ · It is famous, it is a photograph under construction. That atmosphere has finally become a model! · Add the protruding hydraulic lift barrel on the bottom, another part! · The tack fastening expression on the upper part of the swivel machine is pretty good. Right and left ◯ is turning machine · 4th piece Left: past past right: now

Development information 1/200 scale Battleship Yamato 46 cm main skull turret shape at the rear · Shaped hatch part overhang, hatch door, which is said in photo analysis and research of recent years. · Reflected from photographic studies of the back of the turret shot at Battleship Musashi. · From the back of the turret, you can see the length of the supply tube, the length of the feeding barrel, how to run, the starting point, and the internal structure!

Development Information 1/200 Scale Battleship Yamato 46 cm Main / Gun Bullet Supply Bullet Supply Bullets / Upper Supply Chamber · Properly Mounted Bullets Suspended on Vertical / Lateral Rails · Section of a lifting barrel is like a real key To! – The elevator and the preliminary lifting mouthpiece mouth were reproduced on the floor surface! · Represent spare bullet storage at the bottom! · 4th sheet, leftmost only initial development, right is present

Development information 1/200 scale Battleship Yamato 46 cm In the lower layer of the main gun turret, there is a dispensing room that supplies charges from the gunpowder in the vital part to the gun chamber! · The lower supply room is installed while the supply tube is bent to the middle cannon · In the upper supply room is a supply tube straight forward to the right and left guns · In the same room a three-dimensional representation of the animal machine has been reproduced Sale until now