The Detailed Heart Of The Behemoth

As the heart of vehicles, engine is one of the most important parts that influence the performance of vehicles. The M911 heavy military tractor has very strict requirements on its engine. This tractor is powered by a Detroit Diesel Corporation 8V-92TA-90 engine coupled with Allison CLBT-750 transmission. It can generate an output of 450hp, so the vehicle can transport main battle tanks like M1.

The latest MENG SPS-055 U.S. M911 C-HET 8V-92TA-90 Diesel Engine & CLBT-750 Transmission is a resin kit for MENG SS-013 U.S. M911 C-HET (8X6) & M747 Heavy Equipment Semi-Trailer. This resin kit includes a complete 8V-92TA-90 engine and a CLBT-750 transmission. It’s a perfect match to the M911 tractor model.