Story of Gotenba

Undersea warship launch again !!
In 2018, “Undersea Warship” is the 55th anniversary of the theatrical release! Repainting and announcing the whole color of “Gotenba” !!
The bridge section, saws, wings and vertical tail wings can be completely stored in the main body.
The injection port is lit by the LED.
Drill part can rotate forward and reverse.
The cold wire gun launch port is movable back and forth.
Attached to the display stand.
Limited edition film image color simultaneous sale !! 
Undersea warship Goddot Limited Edition
※ The hull uses alloy parts. 
* The image that is published is a prototype.

Submarine warships will be on sale.

It seems that next year will be the 55th anniversary,

Of course in real time

I did not see it.

Such a wonderful half century ago

I was able to do special effects,

There is no choice but to be wonderful.

I wonder if it is CG now,

The weight of the picture is different.

If the set is genuine,

The actors’ facial expressions are different.


At the time of development, there were various kinds of props,

There is a memory which chose things that seem like a submarine warship.

Gimmick sinking under the deck and

Gimmick etc that can store the wings completely,

I think it was good.

At that time the white LED was still high,

I forced somehow to adopt it.

It is because it is different from the image in yellow or orange.


Drill forward rotation, reverse rotation and tip cold-line gun

Prop in the play that moves back and forth

It completely reproduced the movement of.


Perhaps, even afterwards, is not there such a thunderhead?


For this time,

Film image as a color version, such as magazines

Color model – I made a model that reproduces the colors on the photos.


Depending on generation, when it comes to gaiety

It may be a planetary war.


If so, how much will it cost?