Kumamon armor helmet version shipping!

Hello! It is Mee!A snake


Finally the armor helmet version of Kumamon will be shipped today ~!Heart 2


In the past we introduced the assembled package, but this time the whole page is introduced! !Wink

It is black and yellow so it stands out …!Lol

Box also became a large box different from usual this time Please be careful when looking!WinkKira yellow



To those who have never made Kumamon’s Plastic!

How big is it? What? Although it may be thought, it is surprisingly big!Because



I tried to compare it with a common cellotape with a stapler↓

It is about this if you put it in hand!


It is a size with presence! !

In addition, because this time helmets and spears are there again Boryumi! !Please

Unevenness comes out when part of the seal gets rough with cotton buds etc. More realistic!

If this circle is stuck cleanly it will refresh ~! !

The part of your mouth is not from the edge

I hope to put it together from the middle aroundSlack


Really is really cute ~!BlunderBlunderBlunderHeart 2Heart 2

I think that cuteness will be transmitted as you make it and put it on the side!Nico Nico

It’s nice to be completed but it’s more cute when you make it yourselfWhereheart

I think that it can be enjoyed regardless of age and sex as many parts are also large in sizeheart

Please do try it all!Whewheart


I am shipping today, so I think that it will line up in stores this weekend on Saturdays and Sundays!RunRunRun