FLY HAWK FH1301 SMS LUTZOW 1916 1/700 Review&Unboxing


FLYHAWK HIS Series ships which we have accepted the criticism that has brought us wanting more, detail parts of the ship is considered a very high level in spite of its small size, similar to the real ship 100 percent in this model is very high quality here without any doubt at all, Ship Combat and replaces German imperial history
A very serious deterrent force and has quite a bit of naval battles and shelling, with four torpedoes
8 guns,
305 mm
14 kinds of guns
150 mm
And a length of 210 meters it was not just a fighting ship, but one who knows how to defend and attack properly
Speed of 41 mph
With her arms full weight had reached 31 thousand tons, pretty much combat ship
And the sea in front of the Ayyubid many less powerful it not much increase was to provide a fast and significant
And this year is celebrating 100 years of respect and genuine appreciation
To conclude with a very strong historical background created a spectacular model with very high quality and value high enough
Packaging and graphic design is very beautiful and quality
Especially impressive accuracy
And indicates that it is a very high-class product
Very enjoyable hobby and fun
This model is very detailed and well worth buying

Highly recommended

My sincere thanks to FLY HAWK for this review sample!