Sneak into the Rewarded Koshin Electric Koriyama Store! It is!

Today the product line which was recently revolution is amazing!
And to the rumor of Koshinetsu Koriyama store
I have disturbed you.
It was decorated above the plastic model corner
Tapestry of each company!
Fujimi’s tapestry is the one that is drawn with popular “Ship NEXT series Yamato” with multicolor molding & unnecessary snap fitting (● ‘ー `●)
Shazam! It is!
Fujimi corner (* `艸 ‘)
Other than the classic warship model
The ship NEXT series introduced earlier
The molded color and decorative coating of deck and structure were fitted with a sticker so as to make it unnecessary to paint a warship model requiring adhesion
Special EASY series
Deformed cute palm-sized
Chibi Maru Series
The best popular for exhibition
Ship name plate series! It is! It is!
A lot of finished products!
Carrier in battleship, Ruizuru camouflage too
It will be helpful for you to choose
Topical characters also
It is decorated!
Things using poly cap in joints
I can pose a lot
Kumamon seems to call his hand up (* ‘∇ `*)
Plastic models as well as etching, wheels and mufflers to upgrade it
The assortment is amazing! It is!
Fujimi products from large to small
All series are!
There is no choice but to go!
If you live nearby, please do go
You can also see the finished product ♪