THE NEW Caudron C-445 Product code: 92210 UP SOON

The aircraft was based on the requirement for fast, economical and convenient transport aircraft. C.440 first flew on June 17, 1935 and had its first test proved extremely successful design. Eight aircraft with a cabin for two pilots driven pair inverted inline six-cylinder air-cooled Renault Six Bengal with power over 132 kW. Followed by three pieces C.441 with more powerful propulsion units Renault 6Q-01, 162 kW, which have opposite directions of rotation also installed next to a civilian version C.444. Prototype No. 445, flew in 1936, also with engines 6Q, had a wing populist increased by 1 °. Racing remote machine adapted from No. 445 was labeled C.445R. C.448 variant was again equipped with powerful engines 6Q-02 and 6Q-03 over 176 kW (counterclockwise and clockwise) and its takeoff weight is thus increased from 3500 kg to 3700 kg.


Scale 1:72