64 types of vehicles with guidance ammunition equipped with 2 types of vehicles, finally shipping next week!

Since the establishment in 1964, guided bullets of 64 type anti-tank vehicles operated as antitank missiles of the Ground Self Defense Force ordinary department until 2009 have a longer range than antitank rockets such as Bazooka and no-recoil cannons, It was a trump card of the anti-tank firepower by the HEAT bullet with great destructive power. About 30 seconds after the missile launch, it was visually guided by the shooter until hit, but continuing the guidance in the anticipated enemy attack seems to be mentally strained. It is said that the flight speed of the missile is relatively slow, but if you look at the recorded video as an amateur, it looks like a momentary hit.

We are preparing a plastic model of " Type 73 Mini Truck (MAT Equipment) " and " 60 Type Armored Car (MAT Equipment) " by shipment next week . Each is equipped with two 64-style anti-tank guided bombs.

In addition, "73 type small truck (MAT equipment) " reproduces the characteristic of the steering wheel of the 64 type antitank guided bomb in a collapsed state.

Please enjoy.