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6848 – 1/35 Sd.Kfz.182 Kingtiger Porsche Turret w/Zimmerit (2 in 1)
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Entering production in mid-1944, the Kingtiger weighed 69.8 tons and was armed with a highly lethal 8.8cm KwK 43 L/71 gun. Fifty Kingtigers featured the so-called Porsche turret rather than the more common Henschel turret. Both turret types were manufactured by Krupp, but the Porsche turret was much more rounded in shape. All tanks with such a Porsche turret were coated in the German anti-magnetic paste known as Zimmerit. Dragon is now offering an exciting 1/35 scale plastic kit of such a Kingtiger with Porsche turret and replete with Zimmerit.

This is a 2-in-1 kit because the tank comes with something special in the box. That special addition is a three-legged crane that can be installed on the turret, and which was used for such tasks as removing the engine or transmission. The chains for the pulleys of the jib crane are made from photo-etched metal for maximum realism. Thus, modelers can depict this tank as ready for combat, or as undergoing maintenance. Of course, the hull and turret have finely crafted Zimmerit already pre-molded on, meaning that modelers don’t need to engage in the long and messy process of applying the sculpted layer with putty. No one does Zimmerit better than Dragon, with the texture realistically crafted to scale. This 2-in-1 Kingtiger kit will have viewers craning their necks in fascination!



1/35 Sd.Kfz.182 Kingtiger Henschel Production w/Zimmerit s.Pz.Abt.505 Russia 1944 (2 in 1)

The mighty German Kingtiger tank has always been immensely popular with modelers, so Dragon is again catering to the desire for yet another member of the family. It is a 1/35 scale tank belonging to Schwere Panzer Abteilung 505 (s.Pz.Abt.505), an independent heavy tank battalion formed in February 1943.

Its insignia is instantly recognizable – a charging knight on a horse. Initially it was equipped with Tiger I and Panzer III tanks, but by September 1944 it had been re-equipped with the Kingtiger. It fought on the Eastern front until the end of the war.

What sets this 1/35 scale kit apart is the pre-injected Zimmerit coating on the upper hull and turret. Of course, the kit perfectly mimics the original Kingtigers of s.Pz.Abt.505 in that there are rectangles on the turret where there is no Zimmerit to allow the unit insignia to be painted on. No one does Zimmerit better than Dragon, with the texture carefully and realistically crafted to scale. Zimmerit is a unique characteristic on many German tanks, and instead of having to mess and fiddle around with putty, many modelers have stated a preference for having it pre-molded on their kits. Of course, the famous insignia is included as high-quality decals. As a special bonus, Dragon also placed in the box a second turret with a completely normal Zimmerit coating, thus giving modelers even more choices to build a regular Kingtiger. This kit will have modelers charging down to their model shops to see and buy it for themselves!

1/35 Panther Ausf.D V2 Versuchsserie – Smart Kit

The German Panther was one of the best tanks to see service in WWII. Designed from the outset to regain combat superiority over Soviet tanks like the T-34 on the Eastern Front, it represented a balance of firepower, mobility and protection. Two companies – Daimler-Benz and MAN – submitted design proposals for the new tank type, with the latter’s platform eventually being selected. Two final pre-production prototypes were delivered in November 1942 (named V1 and V2), and series production of the sleek-looking Panther tank soon commenced. In fact, the first 20 tanks of this preliminary series (designated D1) did not see combat as they were used as training and conversion vehicles.

This kit is logically based on Dragon’s existing Panther family kits, as well as the previously released V2, but a number of new parts have been created just for this release. Examples include the storage bins on the rear of the hull, new exhaust mufflers (and curved horizontal cover plate) and a pair of new air intake covers on the engine deck. This Versuchs-Serie pre-production tank has been intricately replicated in 1/35 scale, giving connoisseurs even easier access to the fascinating lineage of the Panther family.

Eduard's Albatros D.III in 1/48 scale September release schedule

brings back to our portfolio a Weekend variant of the Albatros D.III in 1/48 scale. This time, the kit is supplied with markings of the famous aces Lt. Verner Voss and Rittmeister Manfred von Richthofen

Scale 1/48 Product plastic models
Edition Weekend Edition Type planes
Producer Eduard Weight 0.213 kg


armorymodels update kits

1/35 ChTZ S-65 Stalinets radiator correction set


Cat.#: AR AC3502
Scale: 1/35
Type: correction set
Kits: Trumpeter



1/72 10,5cm leFH 18/3 auf Geschutzwagen B2(f)

Cat.#: AR M72218
Scale: 1/72
Type: conversion set
Kits: Trumpeter



1/72 Douglas P-70B-1,B-2 Havoc conversion set

Cat.#: AR AM72202
Scale: 1/72
Type: conversion set
Kits: MPM

conversion instruction


1/72 RAF WWII heavy bomber crewmen

Cat.#: AR F7224a
Scale: 1/72
Type: figures
Consist: 2 figures
Status:  in progress


1/72 RAF WWII heavy bomber crewmen w/ dog

Cat.#: AR F7224b
Scale: 1/72
Type: figures
Consist: 4 figures
Status:  in progress


1/72 RAF WWII heavy bomber crewmen

Cat.#: AR F7224c
Scale: 1/72
Type: figures
Consist: 2 figures
Status:  in progress


1/72 RAF WWII heavy bomber crew


Cat.#: AR F7224
Scale: 1/72
Type: figures
Consist: 7 figures  w/dog
Status: in progress



1/72 T-18 (MS-1) – Soviet 1st Serial Light Tank


Cat.#: AR M72211
Scale: 1/72
Type: full kit
Status: Temporary unavailable
Notes: Resin kit w/PE parts



1/144 Polikarpov I-16 type 24

Cat.#: AR14301
Scale: 1/144
Type: full kit
Status: In Production
Notes: Short-Run Plastic kit w/ PE & Vacuformed Parts

box and kit Parts

AFV Club (Warhawk) M60A2, 1/35 the box

chariot out of the box

Separated more than a year, AFV Club (Warhawk) finally launched this model kit box M60A2 tanks, the market for many years the only option – Tamiya Tamiya kit to wash AFV CLUB in one fell swoop this box M60A2 sharply reproduced many details features, like many AFV CLUB products, the M60A2 this case should be no doubt that the decision version. this article will discuss the details of their fighters in this group slightly presentation kit, as the relevant information about the M60A2

on up you can see the kit many details features and update Parts from Tamiya kit

and you can see why is good kit and nice to work with

AFV Club (Warhawk) M60A2