HB81753 1/48 Russian MIG-31 Foxhound(metal landing gear included)

The Mig-31 'Foxhound' was developed as the replacement of the Mig-25 'Foxbat',the prototype Ye-155MP took the first flight on 16 September 1975.As the heaviest fighter/interceptor in the world,the Mig-31 is much heaver than other similar aircrafts.At the same time,tow powerful D-30-F6 engines and a stronger airframe gave it a top speed to Mach 2.8 at high-altitude and Mach 1.23 at low-altitude. The Mig-31 enter the operational service with the Soviet Air Defence Force in 1982,they were send for a variety of long-range missions.More than 300 aircrafts are in service in both Russian and Kazakhstan. Item No 81753 Item Name Russian MiG-31 Foxhound Bar Code 6939319217530 Scale 1:48 Item Type Plastic Model Aircraft Kit Model Dimension Length: 472.3mm Wingspan: 280.3mm Total Plastic Parts 340+ Total Sprues 24 sprues , fuselage and tires Chromeplate Parts n/a Resin Parts n/a Metal Parts undercarriage Photo Etched Parts 2 pcs Film Accessory n/a Released Date 2016-07 More Features the kit consists of over 350 parts -Detailed fuselage&wing w/accurate design -Detailed cockpit -metal Landing gear -rubber tires -photo etched parts included

Tru 09506 1/35 BMPT KH(Kazakhstan Army)

The BMPT "Ramka" is a new Russian armored vehicle designed to support tank and infantry operations, primarily in urban areas. This vehicle is sometimes nicknamed the "Terminator". The BMPT is based on the chassis of the T-72 which is used in large numbers by the Russian Army and has been manufactured under license by many other countries. The rear of the driver's compartment, at the front of the vehicle, has been raised, providing greater internal volume. A new mount is equipped with two 30 mm 2A42 dual-feed cannons with a cyclic rate of fire of up to 600 rds/min. A total of 850 rounds of ready use ammunition can be carried. The cannon can fire a wide range of ammunition types including: High Explosive – Tracer (HE-T), Armour-piercing discarding sabot (APDS), High Explosive Fragmentation (HE-FRAG) and Armor-Piercing – Tracer (AP-T). A 7.62 mm machine gun is mounted coaxially with the main armament. Four launchers for the Ataka-T anti-tank guided missile (ATGM), which can fire a variety of different warheads, are mounted on either side of the main armament. These include a tandem HEAT warhead to defeat targets fitted with explosive reactive armour. Item No 09506 Item Name BMPT(Kazakhstan Army) Bar Code 9580208095066 Scale 1:35 Item Type Plastic Model Armor Kit Model Brief Length: 207mm Width: 117mm Total Parts 1100+ Metal Parts copper cable Photo Etched Parts 2 pcs Film Parts n/a Resin Parts n/a Total Sprues 23 sprues , upper hull and lower hull Released Date 2016-08 More Features The kit consists of over 1100 parts >the kit w/refined detail >multi-slide moulded upper and lower hull >188 individual tracks links >Etched Photo parts included

new update Eduard will sale the Weekend edition Fw 190A-5 heavy fighter in 72nd scale. 2016 tool.

nice kit of Eduard Fw 190A-5 in 1/72nd scale features this bird in heavy gun configuration – with four cannons on wings. Two camo schemes from Summer 1943 represent the Western Europe theatre (Oblt. Josef Wurmheller of JG 2), also as the Eastern front colorful scheme used by JG 52 (Oblt. Max Stotz)

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Dragon New announcement

# 6843 – 1/35 Jagdpanzer IV A-0

Main Features:
– Authentic-looking 1/35 Scale Jagdpanzer IV A-0
– Photo-etched part for sliding cover of gun sight slot
– New one-piece fighting-compartment superstructure made by slide mold Highly detailed superstructure roof
– Cast Saukopf gun mantlet and ball mounting plate molded as single pieces with suitable texture
– Extreme level of detail on superstructure roof, including photo-etched part
– Hatches in superstructure can be posed open/closed
– Engine deck has full detail
– Side-skirt armor produced to scale thickness
– Elements such as cradle and gun sight mount for L/43 gun accurately reproduced
– Highly detailed 7.5cm PaK39 L/43 gun includes full breech
– Rear hull features all details such as exhaust muffler
– Frontal glacis plate
– Gun sight and recoil system accurately detailed
– Realistic return rollers included
– Road wheels and suspension w/multiple components exhibit crisp detail
– Sprockets and idler wheels w/delicate detail
– Periscope mode from clear part
– One-piece DS tracks w/well defined detail

Germany based its Jagdpanzer IV tank destroyer on the chassis of the ubiquitous and reliable Panzer IV tank. The vehicle mounted a lethal 75mm main gun in a fixed superstructure or casemate. The low-profile vehicle was actually designed as a replacement for the successful StuG.III, and it was built in three variants, the first of which was the 0-series, essentially a Jagdpanzer IV pre-production version. The 0-series is easily identified by the rounded front corners of the superstructure, a feature that was dropped for production and ballistic reasons once manufacture began. It mounted a 7.5cm PaK39 gun, plus ports for two 7.92mm machine guns in the glacis plate. The first 0-series vehicle was produced in January 1944.

This Dragon 1/35 scale rendition of a Jagdpanzer IV A-0 is well engineered and carefully crafted to accurately recreate the original pre-production vehicle. Indeed, it has no connection with old item No.9059 that Dragon released ages ago. This is a brand new kit that employs parts such as the chassis and road wheels from Dragon’s current generation of exemplary Panzer IV kits, combined with easy-to-assemble tracks made from DS. Furthermore, the superstructure and roof are brand new. It has the correct superstructure with distinctive rounded corners that makes it stand out from production Jagdpanzer IVs, while the 75mm PaK39 gun is fitted with a muzzle brake. In fact, Dragon has made the 1/35 kit even more attractive by offering two different options in the box. These options allow either of two different vehicle configurations to be created as modelers wish.