star-decals latest 15 releases (August 2016)

Summer is over , so it’s time to release some new decal sets. 15 new 1/35 sets this time.

35-C1014 French AMX-30 B and AMX-30 B2 BRENNUS.
35-C1015 French AMX-30 B2. French Cold War and modern markings.
35-C1016 International AMX-30 B and B2. Bosnia, Greece, Cyprus, Chile, Saudi.
35-C1017 FORAD training centre. AMX-30 B2, AMX-30 B2 BRENNUS and VAB 4×4.
35-C1018 British Special Shermans – BARV, Crab and Crocodile Shermans.
35-C1019 RMASG Centaurs – Royal Marines tanks in Normandy. Centaur Mk IV.
35-C1020 RMASG Shermans – Royal Marines tanks in Normandy. Sherman Mk V.
35-C1021 SS-Panthers # 2 – 9. SS-Hohenstaufen, France and Belgium. Ausf A and G.
35-C1022 SS-Panthers # 3 – 2. SS-Das Reich, France and Belgium. Ausf D and A.
35-C1023 SS-Panthers # 4 – 12. SS-Hitlerjugend, France and Belgium. Ausf D and A.
35-C1024 Spanish Civil War # 4. Fiat Ansaldo. CV.33, CV.35, CV.33 Lf Flamethrower.
35-C1025 Thunderbolt V / VI / VII – 37th Tank Bn. M4 Sherman, M4A3 (76), M4A3E8 HVSS.
35-C1026 US 761st Tank Battalion ‘Black Panthers’ – M4A3 (76) Sherman in NW Europe.
35-C1027 US 70th Tank Battalion on Utah Beach – M4 , M4 Dozer, M4A1 DD Sherman.
35-C1028 Balkan Peacekeepers # 5. British Land Rover. UN, IFOR, SFOR.