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We’ve reached the 18th book in Mr Black Publications’ Scale Model Handbook series, which is a result of collaboration from some old as well as some new contributors. This is the first book in the series we have entirely dedicated to creations inspired by those events that took place between the years 1939-1945 known to Western histories as “The Second World War”. Even though wartime themes are numerous herein, and feature an extended variety of models and figures, especially in 1:35 scale, we’ve managed to present many representative examples catering to the varying interests of our readers.

We must thank all our contributors for their excellent work and their dedication to achieve this project. In particular, Kaz Tomori, Carl Startin “Carlos Figureart”, Man Jin Kim, Juanma Vergara, Stelios Neofytidis, Ioannis Tsikstiris and the dynamic Toshihiro Sano who appears for first time in one of our publications, offering no less than three articles!

As always we must thank our friends, partners and supporters including, Pietro Balloni and Luca Marchetti (Pegaso Models), Darren Parker-Mead (Tommy’s War), Stuart Hale (Stormtrooper Miniatures), Alexander Surzhenko (Masterbox Ltd), Jon Page (Sphere Products), Alexey Lukanev (Irbis Miniatures) and Alex Vallejo (Vallejo Acrylics).

Last, but not least, we would like to thank Ken Jones for his valuable help in editing those texts translated into English, his advice and for helping us lend a unique final touch to all our publications.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy our new book, but above all, keep modelling!

Stelios Demiras
Editor and Publisher
Mr Black Publications


Deutsches Afrika Korps – North Africa 1942 – 50mm (1/35)
Rasputitsa! – 50mm (1/35)
LAH Kharkov 1943 – 50mm (1/35)
SS Unterscharführer – 75mm (1/24)
WWII US BAR Gunner – 50mm (1/35)
Japanese Officer in a Tropical Hell – 75mm (1/24)
Oberleutnant Georg Briel – DAK – 120mm (1/16)
On The Edge of No Man’s Land – 180mm (1/10)
Tripoli, 1941 – The DAK is here! – 50mm (1/35)
Stalingrad, 1942 – 50mm (1/35)
German DAK Infantry North Africa WWII – 180mm (1/10)
Tips For Beginners
Blitzkrieg – Vorwärts – 50mm (1/35)
Royal Armoured Corps AFV Crew – 50mm (1/35)
Battle of Moscow, 1941-1942 – 50mm (1/35)